For over 20 years, Buckhorn Heating & Air has provided Longmont residents and business owners with the most high-quality and dependable heating and cooling repairs and replacement services offered in the industry. Our goal is to not only provide you with dependable and affordable services, but also to avoid unnecessary upselling, misleading rhetoric, and hidden fees. Since we’re a family-owned company, we don’t have to meet a quota as far as sales are concerned. We take our time to ensure that the job gets done exactly how you need it, or your money back! If you’re ready to speak with us about our heating and air conditioning in Longmont, give us a call today. If not, keep reading to learn more about what specific services we offer.

Air Conditioner Replacement

We’ve all been in that situation before where we reach for the thermostat on a hot summer day expecting to be cooled down, but instead, being disappointed when no air comes out of the vents. Not only will you have to suffer through the heat, but it will begin to feel stuffy and hard to breath since no air is being circulated throughout your home, and your air filter won’t be able to do its job either. Simply call Buckhorn Heating & Air, and we’ll get in quick to repair or replace your air conditioning system depending on what’s needed. All of our services come with a 100 percent guarantee, so if you’re not satisfied with what we did, just let us know and we’ll be back to fix it.

Furnace Replacement

Longmont and the rest of Northern Colorado are known to get at least a few major snow storms throughout the winter and what comes along with that is lower temperatures and a higher chance your furnace will go kaput. If you don’t have a reliable HVAC company to turn to, you could be left the remainder of the winter without heating. Avoid this by giving Buckhorn Heating & Air a call immediately. We’ll get you on our schedule and even provide you with same-day services when possible.

Indoor Air Quality

Your indoor air quality is determined by many different factors such as what allergens you track in, if there’s mold growing anywhere, and most importantly, the condition of your HVAC system. A heating or cooling system that isn’t pushing air through your air filter and circulating air throughout your home is putting your home’s air quality at risk, and inevitably, your health and your family’s health. Call Buckhorn Heating & Air today and we’ll inspect your heating and cooling system to ensure they’re keeping your home as safe and comfortable as possible.

Thermostat Repair

All too often, homeowners have a brand new functioning air conditioner or furnace, but all of a sudden it stops working. The first reaction is to assume that the system was installed incorrectly or it was a scam. However, often times the reason for an HVAC system failing to start up is because of the thermostat. If you suspect this may be the issue in your home, give us a call for a full system inspection.