Whats that Smell? Smells That May Be Produced From Your HVAC System

man holding nose

Issues with your HVAC is the last thing you want to be dealing with before the holiday season. Your HVAC unit is the sole provider of heat, coolness, and proper airflow for your home. Since this winter is pretty mild right now you may still run your A/C unit from time to time, especially if you are cooking a lot of hot meals. However, one day you wake up and something smells foul. You search your house, fridge and freezer, you even decide to pick up some old shoes, but that’s not it either. When you get closer to your HVAC unit you have realized where that unnatural smell is coming from. Now what?

At Buckhorn Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc., we are here to tell you why your HVAC may smell, and the best ways to fix it. We want to make sure you are all geared up for the holiday season, and you aren’t entertaining your guests in a room that smells like feet. If you have noticed some funky smells coming out of your HVAC unit, call us in Loveland.

Smells that may come out of HVAC


Everyone knows the smell of mildew. Picture a bathing suit that may have not gotten washed right away, or clothes that you forgot to put in the dryer after a wash cycle. Mildew in your HVAC is caused by excess water that has built up and is not being drained properly. Dirty filters can also be the culprit, so you can try replacing it, but always give us a call for all your HVAC needs.

Stinky Feet

Standing water within your HVAC cause this putrid smell. Taking care of HVAC and cleaning it regular should prevent this smell protruding into your Loveland home. Calling in the professionals for some regular maintenance and repair is always a good plan when it comes to your HVAC unit.

Rot and Garbage

Garbage is bad enough, but rotting garbage is far worse. You can’t entertain people let alone function normally in a house that smells like something died, literally. The cause for this smell is a rodent or even a bird got stuck in your HVAC. The animal may have crawled in through the air ducts and eventually died, decomposing in your air vent. This may sound traumatizing, but your HVAC specialists can help clean out your ducts no problem.
If you are experiencing any of these smells coming out of your HVAC in Loveland, they may be unpleasant, but they aren’t dangerous. Make sure you still take care of them right away by calling us in Loveland. Buckhorn Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc, is your number one solution when it comes to taking care of your HVAC unit. Don’t live in an unpleasant smelling house, call us today! And make sure you check back for our next blog: Smells to be concerned about with your HVAC unit.

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