Prepare Your HVAC System For Winter

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Even if we don’t want to believe or accept it, winter is right around the corner. We are starting to feel those brisk mornings and nights, see the condensation from the cool air on top of cars, and the ski lodges just opened. Winter is so close you can almost smell the wet snow. Have no fear though. We know you will stay warm and cozy by implementing these tips from Buckhorn Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. in Loveland. We are professionals and we want you to know how to prepare your HVAC system for this upcoming winter.

Here’s How To Prepare Your HVAC

Check it out.

We are pretty sure that you don’t check your HVAC unit day to day. That’s alright, we understand you are busy! However, it is important to check it before new seasons begin. If you are not equipped or know what to look for, that’s where we come in. Your trusted HVAC professionals in Loveland can make sure your HVAC system is equipped for this next winter, and we can also let you know what maintenance it needs.


If you feel your HVAC is not running correctly, check your filters. If you run your heating and cooling system at a constant rate, there is a lot that can build up in there over time. Dust, bacteria, and allergens are building up and causing your system to break down. We don’t want you to need to replace your whole unit if it doesn’t require it. So, if you change your filters often, or at least every season, this will help your HVAC run more efficiently. If you aren’t into replacing filters left and right you can always get a reusable filter. Same practice, though, make sure you are cleaning it regularly following the instructions of your particular filter.

Test Your Thermostat

Since it’s getting colder, I think it’s safe to say we can finally turn on the heat. This is good because you can test your thermostat and see how it reacts to this sudden increase of heated air vs. air conditioning. You want to preprogram a temperature you are comfortable with. If your HVAC unit takes a long time to get to this temperature, or it doesn’t change, you may have a problem. If you feel like this is happening with your HVAC system, give us a call. We can inspect the unit and find the culprit.

Clean Air Vents

To make sure clean air is going in and bad air is going out at an appropriate rate, it is important to make sure nothing is obstructing the supply of air flow. When you have a central air system you have to plan accordingly by not placing furniture, toys, bedding, or other obstructions over the vents. Another step is to have your ducts cleaned, and we can assist with that. Bring in the professionals for the tough stuff.

Getting prepared for winter doesn’t just mean getting out your hat and gloves anymore. Make sure your HVAC system is up to par and perform routine maintenance so you can avoid unsightly costs in the future that are unnecessary. For our experts in Loveland, HVAC systems are our passion. Staying warm in these cold winters is something we strive for, for you and your family, We offer many services and can install most systems. If you don’t see your brandgive us a call. We can make arrangements.

Our Buckhorn Heating and & Air Conditioning, Inc. is your Top-Rated Local® heating and air conditioning experts. We have seen a lot of things come our way but we can make sure your HVAC system is keeping you nice and toasty this winter season, So before you get out your snowboard, check your HVAC, and give us a buzz.

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