How To Save Money On Heating This Winter

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Once the cold weather kicks in, there seems to always be a race to see who can fix their heater and prepare their home for winter the fastest. However, if you’re prepared ahead of time, it doesn’t have to be a stressful experience! One great way to immediately notice a drop in your heating bill is to fix up your windows. Not only will drafty windows drain the heat from your home, but they can be noisy and lead to a lot of other problems.

Why do windows get this way?

On old windows, the glazing putty tends to break off if not maintained. This can lead to the window rattling in place and cold air leaking in. Other windows can shrink or become worn out so that they’re not as effective as they could be. However, if you think your window is leaking cold air, chances are it was either not installed properly or it’s time to fix them up.

Quick fixes

If you’re in a rush to prepare for winter, there are a few things you can do to prevent your windows from leaking. Make sure you apply these fixes to all windows in your home. Just because it’s not making noises doesn’t mean it isn’t letting cold air in!

V-seal weather stripping

If you want a simple and cheap way to fix up your windows, adding weather stripping is a cheap solution that won’t prevent your windows from moving properly.

Rope caulk

Rope caulk is another simple solution to your heating issues during the coldest months. It can be applied easily and then removed once summer comes around.

Shrink film

This film can be applied to your windows with a hairdryer and goes on clear. The film cuts off drafts and once you’re ready to take it off, use rubbing alcohol to prevent it from pulling off paint.

Long-term fixes

If you’ve got some time and you want a fix that will last and give you the best results, you should go for a long-term fix. These solutions may be more costly than your quick DIY fixes, but they’ll be sure to save you money in the long run.

Replace glazing

In order to seal your window panes properly, you will need glazing putty. This should be replaced once it becomes cracked or falls off, so make sure you check it regularly.

Replace the window

If worst comes to worst, you may need to replace your windows altogether. Before you do this, make sure you call a window specialist to see if this is necessary. You wouldn’t want to replace all your windows only to find out there is a simpler and more cost-effective solution.

If you want your home to be heated as efficiently as possible, you’ll need to hire an HVAC specialist that can get the job done right. Buckhorn Heating and Air is your top provider for heating and air conditioning services in the Loveland area. Contact us today to learn more!

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