Heating Installation & Replacement – Part 2

heating part replacement

Hello, and welcome back to our blog here at Buckhorn Heating & Air. If you recall from last time, we talked about several signs your furnace needs more than simple maintenance and signs that you should call an HVAC specialist immediately. This time, we’ll talk about more common, but serious furnace issues that you may run into with your commercial or residential HVAC system.

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Circuit breaker

Occasionally, something may cause the circuit breaker to trip, causing it to turn off. Make sure that nobody turned off the switch near the furnace that turns it on and off. This should get your furnace working again.

Ignition problems

Standing pilot lights aren’t used in most modern gas furnaces. Most modern furnaces use intermittent pilot or hot surface ignition. Standing pilot lights are much less efficient because they are always burning a small amount of gas even when you’re not running the furnace. In a hot surface ignition system, the furnace switches on and heats up when electricity runs through the igniter. Just like a light, the thin piece of metal that’s used as an igniter won’t last forever.

In modern gas furnaces, there are several other problems that can occur. A computer board may fail, switches can wear out, and other parts can malfunction that prevents the ignition system from working. In older systems that have a pilot light that is constantly running, sometimes the light will go out. If this happens, you can just light it again. However, you will likely be saving a lot of money on your energy bills by replacing this with a newer system.

Mold growth

If you’re like most homeowners, you work hard to prevent your home from getting too humid and warm in order to prevent the growth of mold. However, did you know that your HVAC system can be the perfect environment for mold growth? You’re going to want to call a heating specialist at Buckhorn Heating And Air immediately if you notice mold growth. Having your ducts cleaned regularly is also very important for mold remediation.

Burnt smell

A burning smell coming from your furnace should be an obvious sign that it needs repairs. The first thing you should do after you shut your heater off is check your air filter. Your air filters may be so dirty that they’re impeding airflow through your system.

Cold air

A heater blowing cold air is counterproductive and is usually caused by a faulty heating element. You’ll need to replace it with a part that has the same voltage and wattage if that is the case. However, make sure to take the cost into consideration. If you’ve already spent a lot of money repairing your furnace, it may be best to just have it replaced entirely.  

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