Heating Installation & Replacement

electrical replacement

After several decades of use, a furnace will need to be replaced. Even if your heater is well maintained, there will be a certain point when the cost of replacing it will be justified by the amount you’ll be saving each month with a new system. When that time comes, be sure to call your Top Rated Local® Heating & Air Company at Buckhorn Heating And Air. Our team of expert HVAC technicians will provide you with the best quality and affordability in the industry.

Heater repair services

Just like your air conditioner, your heater can break if it’s old or isn’t maintained properly. Proper airflow is import for maintaining a healthy heating system, and if anything impedes it, you may be spending more than expected on repairs or if worse comes to worst, you’ll need a full system replacement. Read below to learn about some of the common signs your heating system needs repairs:

Noisy heaters

Noisy heaters aren’t just annoying, they could be a sign that there is a bigger problem with your HVAC system. Some homeowners may experience a faint clicking noise, while others will experience a louder clunking noise. Either way, this sound may result from clogged heaters or parts on the system that are worn out. If you do start hearing noises when you turn your furnace on, you should turn it off immediately and contact an HVAC specialist at Buckhorn Heating And Air. We’ll inspect your whole system for damage and not only eliminate the sound issue, but fix any issue it may have caused with the rest of your system.

It hasn’t been maintained properly

Generally speaking, heating systems usually last around 15-20 years. However, if it hasn’t been maintenanced yearly, you may need a furnace replacement after as little as 10 years. If you know that your home’s previous owner did not get routine checkups on the system, you should contact Buckhorn Heating And Air today. We’ll perform a full diagnostics on your system and see if any damage has been caused by the lack of maintenance. If so, we’ll provide you with furnace repairs or suggest replacement options if your energy bills have skyrocketed.

Carbon output

Carbon Monoxide is an odorless gas that can’t be detected without special equipment. Common symptoms of carbon monoxide exposure include dizziness, headaches, shortness of breath and vomiting. Prolonged exposure can even result in death. If you have an old furnace that burns oil or gas, you should have it checked to make sure it’s not emitting any carbon monoxide.

Carbon Monoxide emissions are usually caused by fuel being burned inefficiently. Another indication that it may be outputting carbon monoxide is that there is an unusual amount of soot in the heater. If you’re worried that your system may be emitting carbon monoxide, contact Buckhorn Heating And Air immediately.

Thermostat issues

Sometimes, your furnace may not be working due to a communication error between the furnace and your thermostat. If you have a programmable thermostat, it may not be synced correctly so you that your heater starts when you want it to

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Are you ready to experience the benefits of working with a Top Rated Local® Heating & Cooling company in Northern Colorado? Buckhorn heating & Air will work with both homeowners and business owners in the Loveland area and beyond. Our focus is aimed at providing the best heating and cooling services. Whether you are in need of AC repair, furnace or heating service or would like to find out more about AC zoning and climate controlĀ call the experts at Buckhorn, and let us help with all of your heating and HVAC needs.

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