Facts You Should Know About Your Furnace

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Possibly one of the most misunderstood aspects of a home is the HVAC system. At the same time, it’s also probably one of the most important. Although you can rely on your local HVAC technician to understand all the complicated stuff, it never hurts to be a little bit more educated on how your furnace works. Here at Buckhorn Heating & Air, it’s important to us that we stay transparent about the work we do and that you’re always kept up to date on the condition of your system. Give us a call or keep reading to learn more.

They Can Last A Long Time

Many people are afraid to invest in a new furnace because they believe it won’t last very long. However, the truth is, if you take care of your furnace it could last over two decades for conventional furnaces and up to 20 years for high-efficiency furnaces. However, in order to allow your furnace to last this long, you will need to commit to regular preventative maintenance and be careful not to use it if it isn’t functioning properly.

They Have Three Main Components

Your furnace has three main components: a blower, a heat exchanger, and a burner/heating element. Depending on the type of heater you have, your furnace will have either a heating element or a burner. Heating elements are used for electric heating systems and burners are for gas furnaces which tend to be the most popular due to their energy-efficiency and reliability. The job of the exchanger is to separate the combustion gas from the breathable air. The blower will send the warm air through the ducts and into each part of the building.

Furnaces Are Not New

Believe it or not, furnaces are not a new invention. Like many things we have nowadays, furnaces are based off a Roman invention. The type of furnace used by Romans was called a hypocaust. This refers to an open space below a floor that is heated by gases and allows hot air from a fire to pass to the room above. As you can imagine, this way of heating was extremely dangerous due to the use of an open fire within the building or home. However, over the years, the system has been refined and improved to produce the furnaces that we use today which are very safe and reliable.

Maintenance Is key

Regular maintenance is of the utmost importance when it comes to having a reliable and effective heating system. Not only does maintenance ensure that your system is running as well as it should, but it significantly reduces your chances of experiencing a breakdown that would require costly repairs. Preventative maintenance will ensure that your system lasts as long as possible.

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