What is Air Zoning?

Air Zoning utilizes several thermostats and motorized air volume dampers that are connected through a single central forced air duct, to heat, cool and ventilate your home. Air Zoning allows you to set different temperatures for the different areas of your home, essentially creating altering temperature zones; hence the name Air Zoning. This allows you to divide up your home however you like, setting the living, sleeping, and family areas to best keep the people in them comfortable.

Most commonly, Air Zoning is used to divide the temperatures between the up and downstairs areas in your home. As these areas are generally used differently throughout the day, meaning the upstairs does not need as constant of cooling or heating attention as the downstairs. Using our Air Zoning method allows you to keep every area perfectly comfortable all while helping you cut down on unnecessary HVAC energy costs.

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Does Your Air Zoning Work Well?

Here in Fort Collins, and for most homes along the Front Range, air zoning is used to make sure your chilly basement doesn’t impact the temperature of the main living areas. It’s a way to make sure your basement is heated to a comfortable temperature without the heat also being cranked to unbearable temperatures in all of the bedrooms. Of course, when something goes wrong with your air zoning, those issues make themselves apparent pretty quickly.

The most common concern is when air zoning somehow fails, and all of the different zones of the house are being heated and cooled to the same temperature. Not only will you notice a difference in the temperatures you’re used to, but it also means your HVAC system as a whole is working harder than it should — which means higher energy bills on top of heating and cooling system concerns. For example, with proper air zoning in your basement, the thermostat will tell your HVAC system that the space is cooler than it should be. This, in turn, will tell your system to kick on the heat. If something goes wrong with your air zoning — say, a thermostat breaks or something damages ductwork in one area — the heater may kick on throughout the house instead of just one area.

When it comes to diagnosing issues with air zoning, the easiest place to start is with the thermostat for the affected area. Also keep an ear out for the sound of your air conditioner and heater running. If one kicks on when it shouldn’t, or doesn’t turn on when it should, that may be signs of air zoning issues.

No matter what’s going on, the Buckhorn team is here to help. Connect with us in Fort Collins and across the Front Range for air zoning repairs and other HVAC help.