Often times, the most expensive factor in heating your home can be your thermostat. If you are using an electric furnace without the proper thermostat, you could be costing yourself hundreds in wasted energy. Installing a programmable thermostat that automatically turns off your heating and cooling appliances when they do not need to be on can save you and your family a lot of money in the long run. Furthermore, when you use a furnace or other HVAC appliances without a thermostat that automatically regulates the temperature in your home, it is possible that your air filters and duct can become lodged with dangerous pollutants much faster; this can, shorten their overall lifespan and cause unnecessary repair costs that you can prevent.

When you chose Buckhorn Heating and Air Conditioning as your HVAC company, we provide annual and emergency thermostat repair and replacement services. Our team believes that by providing you with quality services now; we can effectively save you hundred of dollars in wasted energy throughout the rest of your month, year and life. We stop at nothing to provide you with the quality services you deserve and always offer upgrade services that ensure the thermostat that you have in your home is the most effective for your HVAC appliances.

Don’t let your HVAC appliances decided when and for how long they want to heat and cool your home; get a thermostat that will help you cut down on your home’s heating and cooling costs.


Call Buckhorn Heating and Air Conditioning to discuss your thermostat repair and replacement options, and remember, we always offer a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee, which means we don’t leave until you are satisfied. Give us a call today!