Prepare Your HVAC for Summer With These Tips

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With winter seeming like it’s on the outs, there is much we can look forward to in Loveland: The warmth of the sunshine, warm spring breezes, and putting away our big puffy jackets. Not only can we start to focus all these positives about the weather changing, you should also start to think about your HVAC system. There are some tasks that need to be completed to ensure that your HVAC unit is going to be ready for summertime.

At Buckhorn Heating and Air Conditioning Inc., we are your experts to gear your unit up for summer. We have been in business for many years and know the ins and outs of your HVAC unit. Don’t slack on taking care of your Loveland home this year, call us to help prepare your HVAC unit for summer!

How to Prepare your HVAC for Summer

Check the Filter

One of the first things you want to inspect is the filter within your HVAC unit. Different systems have different filters implemented within them. Some HVAC systems have disposable filters and others have a more stable filter. When you have a unit with a disposable filter, best practice is to replace your filter at least once a month. If you have a unit with a permanent filter, this needs a good and meticulous cleaning every month as well, to keep your unit running smoothly. If you have a furry family member or are unfortunately a smoker, your cleaning regimen will have to be completed more often.

Once you clean your filter, your HVAC should be running better than ever since all the buildup of dust and dirt will be gone. This will make the unit capable of circulating cool air throughout your Loveland home.

Check Outside

Many HVAC units will also be located outside of the home. You want to ensure that your unit has room to breathe, so to speak. Clean up any items that may have been blocking the unit such as branches, snow, and other types of debris. This is something you should be doing when each season changes, so you don’t discover tons of material stuck in various parts of your HVAC system. A good rule is to leave a decent amount of space around your HVAC unit, to prevent a lot of debris damaging the system. If you notice there are some materials that you can’t clean out on your own, call the experts and we can take care of that for you right away!

Get a New Thermostat

With advances in technology around every corner, it is not a surprise that thermostats have also been upgraded. Now, newer units can schedule when you want your air conditioning to turn on while you are in and out of the home. Having this programmable HVAC unit will help save on your energy costs. Additionally, not having your HVAC work as hard to keep your home cool will help keep your unit running longer and more efficiently.

This is just the beginning of the steps you should take to ensure your HVAC system is ready for summer in Loveland. If you have checked your unit and it seems like something’s not right, call us at Buckhorn Heating and Air Conditioning Inc. Our team of HVAC professionals can get your system back up and running in no time, or let you know you require a new one. Check back for our next blog with more tips to prepare your HVAC for summer!

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