Does Your A/C Need Repair?

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There’s no doubt about it; when it comes to the weather in Loveland, Colorado, it’s clearly unpredictable. For example, last week we were enjoying bathing suit weather that was in the 80s; fast forward to April 29th and you would have been confused on why you had put your swimsuit on because it was blizzarding. Not so fast; the next day, the weather was back up into the 70s. With fluctuating temperatures, it’s time you learn whether or not your air conditioning needs a repair or not; after all, you don’t want to be stuck without cool air on one of the hottest days this spring – do you?

6 Signs Your Air Conditioning is Calling Out For Help

1. No cool air is coming out of the vents.

At some point, you’re going to have to turn on your home’s air conditioning. When the time comes, put your hand in front of a vent to make sure cool air is traveling from the vent and into the room of your home. You may find, if your air conditioner is old or needs a repair, that it simply isn’t pushing out cool air like it should. This could mean multiple problems, such as the system’s compressor has failed, or the Freon levels are too low. But that’s why our air conditioning repair gurus are here

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2. There’s cool air coming out from the vents, but the airflow is weak.

If you’ve noticed that there is air coming out from your home’s vents, but it’s much too weak to keep the temperature a consistently cool temperature, the compressor of your air conditioning may be on the fritz. Or, there could be a problem with your home’s duct work.

3. Thermostat fluctuations.

Does your home’s thermostat have a hard time staying a consistent temperature? It could be due to dying batteries, or it could be due to your air conditioning. Your home should be a constant temperature; so, if one part of your home is cooler than another, reach out to our air conditioning repair gurus today!

4. Moisture in or near your air conditioning unit.

Although your air conditioning is resting on the outside of your home, it’s good to check on it from time to time. Make sure there is no moisture coming from the unit; if you spot moisture, it can be from two reasons: A refrigerant leak or poor drainage. Either way, give our AC repair experts a call to learn the verdict.

5. Strange noises.

Have you noticed strange noises coming from your air conditioning? Sounds, such as a grinding, grating or squealing shouldn’t be taking place. If you are hearing these noises, it’s a sign of a failing air conditioning unit.

6. Strange odors.

Your AC shouldn’t smell weird. If you start to smell something strange, such as burning, it could be due to the wire insulation burning out. Additionally, musty smells are indicators that your AC needs to be repaired or replaced.

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