Why To Get Your Thermostat Replaced In 2020


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When summer comes around and the seasons eventually turn to winter, we all resort to our thermostats to keep our homes the perfect temperature so we have a nice place to return to, or hole up in when the weather gets bad (or a pandemic hits).

However, did you know that your current thermostat may not be up to par with your heating and cooling needs? Join us as we break down some reasons why you should consider a thermostat replacement in 2020.

It’s Broken

If your thermostat is failing to properly adjust your HVAC system, you should consider replacing it, or at the very least, getting it repaired by our experts. A broken thermostat can cause your HVAC system to overwork itself, which could lead to issues and costly repairs down the line. Plus, your comfort will definitely be sacrificed when your thermostat is broken. After all, your thermostat controls the climate of your home, so if it’s not working, you won’t be able to get heat or cool air when you need it.

It’s Outdated

If your thermostat is outdated, it limits the effectiveness of your HVAC system as a whole. For one, on older thermostats, your options are limited. Specifically, if your thermostat is not programmable, you either need to leave it running all the time, or you need to meticulously tend to it to try and save energy and lower your heating and cooling costs. Plus, if you can’t select exact temperatures because your temperature selection is analog, you’re going to have to play a game of guess-and-check until you find that perfect temperature.

You Want To Automate Your Home

If you want to go the distance, you can upgrade your thermostat as a greater effort to automate your home. With voice-activated AI systems, apps, and so much more that can make managing your home as simple as speaking a command or adjusting settings from your phone, home automation is all the rage. 

When you automate your HVAC systems with a smart thermostat, you’re able to have complete control of your heating and cooling systems through a digital application. From programming your HVAC’s daily routine to being able to turn your heating off from home when you’re out of town, home automation is a great reason to upgrade your thermostat. 

Buckhorn Heating And Air Conditioning

At Buckhorn Heating And Air Conditioning, we can take care of all your HVAC and thermostat needs. Whether your thermostat is acting up and needs an expert repair, or you’d like a new, upgraded thermostat installed, we can help you. 

To learn more about the thermostat repair and replacement services we offer, click here. And please contact us today if you need our services or have any questions about what we can do for you. 

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