Did you know that there is more to maintaining the quality of your home’s air than just maintaining your heating and cooling systems? Proper maintenance involves monitoring your air quality and keeping your air ducts free and clear of pollutants all year round. On your own, this can be a daunting task, but with Buckhorn Heating and Air Conditioning by your side, keeping your family healthy and your air clean can be easy. Let us help you keep your indoor air quality at its peak twenty-four seven.

At Buckhorn Heating and Air Conditioning, our team of factory trained and certified technicians are dedicated to providing you with the level of quality service you deserve. With a commitment to keeping your home’s air as clean as can be, we can assure you that by the time we leave, you will be completely satisfied with the services we have provided.

In general, the indoor air quality services we provide include:

  • HRV ventilation installation, repair and maintenance. 
  • ERV ventilation installation, repair and maintenance.
  • Humidification controls installation, repair and maintenance.
  • Air duct replacement.
  • Air duct repair.
  • Residential air duct balancing.
  • Air filteration.
  • Air filter replacement.

When it comes to keeping your family’s air clean, know that you can count on Buckhorn Heating and Air Conditioning. We are committed to keeping your family healthy and will do everything in our power to provide you with the services that will do just that. Don’t let your family suffer due to poor air quality in your home; call the experts you know you can count on.