How To Keep Your Furnace Happy: 4 Easy Tips

Your furnace is important. It’s the one thing that keeps those cold winter nights at bay, and without it, your home would feel like a walk-in refrigerator. At Buckhorn Heating and Air, we want to help you keep your furnace going strong through these cold winter months. Check out our tips below for keeping your furnace happy and healthy.

  • Clean Your Pipes: Modern furnaces use condensing technology to operate at a higher energy efficiency than their older model siblings, but in order to do this they require an external intake pipe for their air supply. While great for efficiency, this intake pipe can and will get clogged with dust and debris. Make sure your pipes are clean in order to prevent unneeded damage to your furnace.
  • Programmable Thermostat: Installing a programmable thermostat will not only save you energy and money, but it can help reduce the workload required from your furnace. If no one is in a home during a certain time of day, these thermostats can lower the heating or air conditioning levels. There is no point in wasting energy in maintaining the climate of a house if no one is around to enjoy it.
  • Change Your Filter: Perhaps the simplest step that can be taken to further the life of your furnace, changing the filter ensures that your furnace is running safely and efficiently. The general rule of thumb on changing filters is to switch them out every 3 months depending on the air quality around your home. However, for those people who live in dry or dusty climates it is recommended that you change your filter more frequently.
  • Frequent Servicing: The best way to ensure that your furnace stays in good working condition, is to have it serviced by an HVAC professional. With your furnace running at an optimal level it will require less energy to heat your home, your home will stay more comfortable, and small problems can be identified before they turn into big problems.

By remembering these four simple tips, you can help ensure that your furnace will work like a champ year round. Remember, just because you furnace isn’t heating your home doesn’t mean it isn’t running. During the warmer months of the year your furnace has the important task of circulating the cool air that is produced by your home’s air conditioner. Contact us today at Buckhorn Heating and Air, and see how our dedicated and experienced staff can make sure that your furnace is working properly and running efficiently.

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